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About us

Pay transparency. Today, it's all the rage. We've seen this movement continue to take over, through the likes of @SalaryTransparentStreet,, and so on.

A lot of good has come through pay transparency. Workers know what they are worth and transition to companies that are aligned. Employees know if they're underpaid at their company and can ask for a raise. Young students can see the reality of what lifestyle they can afford for a given career path.

We're looking to bring this same energy to help contract workers and freelancers understand what they're worth. The goal is to ultimately help them set their hourly rate with confidence. Feeling like you lowballed yourself sucks, losing a prospect because your rate was way above of normal bands sucks too. We want you to feel good about the rate you ask. We exist to answer a simple question with a hard answer - "How much should I charge as a freelancer?".

Our promises to you:

  • We will never accept payment to manipulate contract rate data.
  • We will keep your rate postings completely anonymous. It will be impossible to trace a rate submission back to you by viewing our website.
  • We will work dilligently to ensure the integrity of the crowdsourced data.
  • The data will be free - always.

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