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Accountant Overview

Job Description

Accountants manage financial records, prepare reports, and ensure legal compliance. They analyze finances to guide business decisions and may specialize in areas like auditing or taxation

Most Common Skills

Xero, Microsoft Excel, and Quickbooks - For more data, check Accountant skills.

Average Hourly Rate

$115 - This number comes from our open-source Accountant hourly rates database.

Similar roles

Fun Facts

  • The practice of accounting dates back more than 7,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia. Early accountants used clay tokens to keep track of goods and livestock, showcasing that the fundamental need for tracking assets and liabilities has long been a part of human history.
  • Walter Diemer, an accountant for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in the 1920s, experimented with gum recipes in his spare time. He eventually stumbled upon a formula that allowed the gum to stretch and form bubbles. This playful invention led to the creation of bubble gum.
  • The traditional color associated with accountancy is green. This is why many accountants used to wear green visors, particularly in the U.S. during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The visors were used to reduce eye strain from the early electric lights. Even today, the term "green eyeshades" is sometimes used to describe a detail-oriented person, especially in finance.


  • In the world of accounting, the only thing that’s black and white is the balance sheet. - Unknown
  • Behind every good business is a great accountant. - Unknown
  • Accounting is the language of business. - Warren Buffett

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