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Backend Engineer Overview

Job Description

A freelance Backend Engineer is responsible for creating, maintaining, and improving the server-side logic and systems that power websites, applications, and software. They work closely with the frontend team and collaborate with other members of the development team, such as project managers and designers, to ensure the smooth functioning of the application or website. The tasks typically involve writing clean, efficient, and reliable code, managing databases and APIs, implementing security measures, and optimizing the overall performance of the backend infrastructure. Additionally, a freelance Backend Engineer should have a strong understanding of programming languages, server frameworks, databases, version control systems, and other relevant technologies to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the client's requirements and expectations.

Most Common Skills

AWS, Python, and Java - For more data, check Backend Engineer skills.

Average Hourly Rate

$75 - This number comes from our open-source Backend Engineer hourly rates database.

Similar roles

Fun Facts

  • Backend engineers are responsible for building and maintaining the invisible foundations of websites and applications.
  • Backend Engineers primarily focus on the server-side of web development, dealing with databases, server logic, and system integration.
  • Backend Engineers are responsible for the "behind-the-scenes" functionality of a website or software application.


  • "Backend engineers: making the magic happen behind the curtains, because not all heroes wear capes...some wear headphones."
  • "Backend engineers are the unsung heroes of the digital world, crafting the foundations of technology that drive innovation and power our daily lives. Their intricate code stitches together the fabric of the virtual universe, enabling seamless experiences and transforming possibilities into realities."
  • "Backend engineers: making the magic happen behind the scenes, like the real-life MacGyvers of code. Just don't ask them to fix your kitchen sink."

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