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Embedded Software Engineer Overview

Job Description

A freelance Embedded Software Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and implementing software solutions for embedded systems. They work closely with hardware engineers to ensure the software is fully optimized to run efficiently on the target hardware. They are skilled in programming languages such as C/C++, assembly language, and other embedded programming languages. Additionally, they may be involved in debugging and resolving software and hardware integration issues. They possess a strong understanding of system architecture, low-level programming, real-time operating systems, and hardware-software interactions. As a freelance professional, they typically work on a project basis, collaborating with clients remotely to deliver high-quality embedded software solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Most Common Skills

Python, c programming, and C++ - For more data, check Embedded Software Engineer skills.

Average Hourly Rate

$110 - This number comes from our open-source Embedded Software Engineer hourly rates database.

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Fun Facts

  • Embedded Software Engineers often use programming languages such as C and C++ to develop software that runs on tiny microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • Embedded Software Engineers develop software that runs on devices such as smartphones, self-driving cars, and even space shuttles.
  • Embedded Software Engineers play a crucial role in the development of self-driving cars.


  • "Embedded Software Engineers - the unsung heroes who make machines smart, while we struggle to make ourselves smarter."
  • "Embedded software engineers have the power to give life to machines, blending innovation and code to create the invisible genius that drives our connected world."
  • "Embedded software engineers are like ninjas - they work in the shadows, silently coding and debugging, making sure our devices behave properly. Just don't ask them to fix your toaster, they tend to take things a bit too literally!"

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