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Lawyer Overview

Job Description

A freelance lawyer is a legal professional who works independently on a contractual basis, providing legal services to clients without being employed by a specific law firm or organization. Their job responsibilities typically include advising and representing clients on a range of legal matters, such as contract drafting or negotiation, dispute resolution, legal research, and more. Freelance lawyers often work remotely, using their own resources and technology to communicate with clients and complete legal tasks. They must possess strong legal knowledge, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to prioritize and manage their workload independently. Additionally, freelance lawyers must comply with all professional and ethical obligations of the legal profession.

Most Common Skills

legal research, Microsoft Excel, and n/a - For more data, check Lawyer skills.

Average Hourly Rate

$258 - This number comes from our open-source Lawyer hourly rates database.

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Fun Facts

  • The word "attorney" comes from the French word "atorne," which means "one appointed or constituted" and "conducts business on behalf of another."
  • The word "attorney" comes from the French word "attourne," which means "one designated to act for another."
  • The word "attorney" comes from the Latin term "ad tornare," which means "to turn to" or "to turn over."


  • "Lawyers have their own language, which makes sense because, according to most people, they also live on a different planet."
  • "Justice is the constant and perpetual will to render to each person his due." - Ulpian
  • "Lawyers are like beavers, they work all night, they work all day, and by morning, they've built themselves a dam good case."

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