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SolidWorks Designer Overview

Job Description

A freelance SolidWorks Designer is responsible for creating 3D models, drawings, and designs using the SolidWorks software. They collaborate closely with clients to understand their design requirements and effectively translate them into detailed 3D models. The SolidWorks Designer must have a strong understanding of engineering principles and possess advanced knowledge of the SolidWorks software. They should be able to analyze complex design problems and provide innovative solutions. Additionally, they may be required to review and revise designs, as well as communicate and coordinate with clients to ensure project deliverables are met within the specified timeline.

Most Common Skills

AutoCAD and Solidworks - For more data, check SolidWorks Designer skills.

Average Hourly Rate

$37 - This number comes from our open-source SolidWorks Designer hourly rates database.

Similar roles

Fun Facts

  • A SolidWorks Designer can create complex 3D models with great precision and accuracy.
  • A SolidWorks Designer can create 3D models of physical products.
  • A SolidWorks designer can create 3D digital models of products before they are even built.


  • "SolidWorks designers: turning virtual dreams into tangible realities, one click at a time."
  • "SolidWorks designers are not just creators of beautiful designs, but architects of innovation, shaping the future with their imagination and passion."
  • "SolidWorks designers make the world go round... and round... and round... because they're always spinning things in 3D!"

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