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Microsoft Dynamics Developer Overview

Job Description

A freelance Microsoft Dynamics Developer is responsible for developing and customizing Microsoft Dynamics applications, including Dynamics 365, CRM, and NAV. They work on various projects for clients, analyzing business requirements and designing efficient solutions using Dynamics tools. They should have a strong understanding of Microsoft Dynamics architecture, development frameworks, and programming languages such as C#, .NET, and JavaScript. Their tasks may involve creating workflows, plugins, and customizations, integrating third-party systems, and providing ongoing support and maintenance for the Dynamics applications. Strong problem-solving and communication skills are essential for collaborating with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering high-quality solutions.

Most Common Skills

.NET, Business Central, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - For more data, check Microsoft Dynamics Developer skills.

Average Hourly Rate

$47 - This number comes from our open-source Microsoft Dynamics Developer hourly rates database.

Similar roles

Fun Facts

  • Microsoft Dynamics Developer Fact: Microsoft Dynamics 365 has more than 10,000 customizable configuration options.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Developers use a programming language called X++ to customize and extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.
  • A Microsoft Dynamics Developer can customize and extend the functionality of the software to meet specific business needs.


  • "Microsoft Dynamics Developers - turning complex equations into sleek solutions, one line of code at a time."
  • "The true measure of a Microsoft Dynamics developer is not just their technical expertise, but their ability to harness the power of technology to create seamless business solutions that shape the future of organizations."
  • "I'm not saying Microsoft Dynamics Developers are superheroes, but they sure know how to save the day when spreadsheets go rogue!"

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